Holiday Eats + Beerwerks Beer 

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It’s the holiday season, and there are so many things to do!  Let us help you plan your beer-centric seasonal menus. Beerwerks breweries offer hundreds of different beers and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, but we know that can be overwhelming. Since beers are not equal when it comes to pairing with food, we’ve created a handy guide for your back pocket. 

Turkey Dinner 

According to, you should pair a traditional roasted turkey and fixings with Amber ale or a lager-like Oktoberfest, brown ale, or a strong golden ale like triple. If you prepare your turkey in a smoker, you’re better off with a hoppy brown ale, Scotch ale, or porter.

We suggest: 


Whether you’re sitting down to a fancy ham dinner or just tucking into a VA country ham and hoop cheese sandwich, you’ll want a tall glass of beer by your side. The wheat malt in beers like hefeweizen and witbier pair nicely with the glaze and sweetness of pork. 

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We all have those nights during the holiday season when it just feels right to snuggle up at home with some edible (and drinkable) comfort. You already knew this, but beer and pizza are a perfect combo. The yeastiness of each mirror each other and the beer’s carbonation cuts through the fat. According to, you want to look at the toppings on each pie to factor into your choice. While a pilsner is best with a cheese pizza, the slight bitterness of a pale lager will offset the kick of pepperoni. And if the tangy sweet and salty flavors of Hawaiian pizza float your boat, you should pair it with a hoppy IPA

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If you’ve ever been up on a ladder all day hanging holiday lights while a “crisp” seasonal wind whips around the corner of your house, you’ll know that nothing warms you better than a steaming bowl of spicy chili and a beer on the side. Dry stouts and amber lagers are excellent choices to pair with the heat of the chili. You might even want to dump a bottle into the pot!

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Team pumpkin, right? Break away from drinking milk with your pie. Some might want to double up on the pumpkin and drink pumpkin ale, but we think you should try pairing your pie with an oatmeal stout. A sweet stout will complement and not overpower the delicate spices in your pie. If seasonal gourds don’t appeal to you, and you like your pie all American, pour yourself a porter to go with your slice of apple pie.

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First of all, who knew there were lengthy webpages devoted to this topic? Ends up that you don’t want to go washing down any old cookie with any old beer. You first need to determine the dominant flavor of the cookie and go from there. For instance, a ginger cookie will shine with Belgian dubbel or triple that will make the spices pop. A sugar cookie goes with anything, but might taste best with a Belgian blonde or a nut-brown ale. If your favorite treats are chocolate chip cookies, try dipping them in an imperial stout or an imperial red ale.

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