Brewer’s Spotlight: Stable Craft Brewing

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Brewer’s Name: Issac Peglow

How long have you worked at the brewery?  4 years

How did you get involved in brewing? I began homebrewing in college where I fell in love with the science and creativity of brewing. From there, I began reading every book on fermentation science and homebrewing I could get my hands on to improve my brewing skills.

Tell us something people don’t know about your brewery. We are a working farm and integrate sustainable practices throughout our entire operation. We have our own artisanal water source and recycle our gray water for agricultural uses. Our sustainable practices are also carried through from our tasting room to our brewery production facility. For example, we use food scraps to feed our hens for eggs, CO2 and boil-kettle steam to support farm-grown herbs and vegetables in our greenhouse. Spent-grain is fed to cattle and exchanged for local-inspected beef. We also grow a portion of our ingredients for the kitchen, brew house and cider operations. All of the interior property landscaping, which includes over 3000 trees and shrubs, was planted by the farm owners.

What’s your favorite food and beer combo? I have always been a fan of pairing beers with cheese. I really love bleu cheese paired with a west coast IPA. Our black and bleu burger with Throatlatch Imperial IPA is an awesome combo.

Tell us about your pets. My wife and I adopted two kittens in the spring of 2016. Elphaba and Cruiser. They are some of the most well trained cats that I have had the pleasure of living with, and are extremely patient with our one-and-a-half-year-old son.

What is your favorite thing to do in the Shenandoah Valley? I have always been an outdoorsman. I grew up hunting and fishing in Pennsylvania, and the Valley offers plenty of opportunities for more. Our weekend family adventures usually consist of trips to Mint Springs Park or Gypsy Hill Park where our son can run around and we can have a small picnic. I also love to take foraging hikes looking for wild edibles such as morels and chanterelles.

What’s the best way to spend time in the outdoors in the Shenandoah Beerwerks Trail footprint? Hiking on the Parkway is best because it offers some gorgeous views of the Valley and close proximity to some tasty Stable Craft beers and ciders!