Beerwerks Trailblazers: The Granola Gals

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Hey Beerwerks Trailblazers! We’ve got another new set of trailblazers in town with some decidedly selective tastes. Meet the newest Trailblazers – can you relate?

Have you ever sipped a locally sourced, low-carb pilsner after balancing a baby goat in your hand during a Half Lord of the Fishes pose? No? Well what about chilling an IPA with mountain snow while you camp on the side of Mt. Ruapehu? Okay, well, Isla and June have, and while it only crossed off a very small section of their considerably large bucket list, they’re still quite proud of it. This cheery pair has traveled all across the world looking for eco-friendly beers and sustainable fun. Don’t let the faux leather Birkenstocks fool you though. These two know their stuff – how else would they be able to find an organic Baltic Porter made by a group of non-denominational nuns who politely ask the malt to toast itself instead of just roasting it. Your guess is as good as ours. 

Read on for ideas about how Isla and June, the Granola Gals, make the most out of this world…without making a negative impact.

Outdoor Gear

Isla and June are hard on their gear because they really use it. It’s crucial that it’s dependable. Can you imagine your boots falling apart after you step in a creek 18 miles down the trail or ropes that drop your hammock on the ground or fray halfway down your morning rappel? We’ll suggest some hard core adventures, but better gear up first with high-quality gear.

Fair-Trade (and Vintage) Clothing

Isla and June are stylish and fashionable, but they care passionately about where their clothes are sourced and prefer to buy fair trade and vintage garments. Here are some of their favorite places to shop along the Beerwerks Trail.

Farmers’ Markets & Food Co-ops

Isla and June know that if you want to get the freshest organic produce and meats you need to go right to the source. Some of the best selections can be found at local farmers’ markets. Not only will you buy healthy, in-season fruits and veggies, you’ll support sustainable farming practices and get to interact with the farmers, producers, and the community.

Yoga Studios

After a hard day of working hard and being good, the Granola Gals need to relax. They’ll breathe deeply with some vinyasa, Iyengar, or hatha yoga before relaxing some more at their favorite brewery.

Sustainable Living

The Granola Gals know that each one of their choices impacts the environment. They strive to live eco-friendly lives with zero-waste (or at least low-waste) lives by eliminating packaging, plastics, chemicals, and buying reusable and sustainable products whenever possible!