Beerwerks Is Untappd

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The Beerwerks Trail is now Untappd! If you enjoy technology as much as you enjoy beer, download the app, savor new and old Beerwerks favorites, and write your reviews. Best of all, use Untappd as a “digital passport” to help earn your next Beerwerks t-shirt.

How to Use the Untappd App to Unlock Your Beerwerks Trail Badge

  • Create an account on the Untappd app. 
  • Look up Beerwerks breweries by name or location. Brewery entries will give you lists of beers on tap.You can also look up specific beer names.
  • Check-in one (1) beer at 8 out of the 15 different locations on the trail to earn the Beerwerks Trail Badge. Make sure to tag your location to get it to count!


Earn your Beerwerks T-shirt 

Once you have earned your badge, you will receive a commemorative t-shirt in the mail—aka bragging rights! Be sure to take a photo wearing your new t-shirt, post it to social media and tag us. @ShenandoahBeerwerks, #beerwerkstrail

See What’s Happening Nearby

Untappd helps you stay on top of all beer-centric events happening at your favorite Beerwerks breweries. Elect to have notifications sent, say, when breweries release new beers. And if you’re someone who dislikes squinting at the tap list while impatient drinkers queue behind you, plan your attack ahead of time. Use Untappd to scan the list of available beers (including descriptions and ratings) before you go. With your brews strategically chosen ahead of time, you’ll save gametime decisions for things like how many orders of fries to get from the food truck.

See What Everyone Else is Drinking

Untappd is a social app, so you’ll be able to see where your friends check in and which beers they’re drinking as well as what’s most popular with the general public. Make sure to rate the beers you drink, because based on your past reactions, the app will recommend new beers for you to try. You’ll also earn visible badges for all your hard work drinking and rating. The badges are intended to lend you an expert’s credibility in the areas you explore most. Want to track your consumption long-term? Go to Year in Beer, connect it to Untappd and see how many pints fueled your most recent trip around the sun.