SY Presents: BAMBoOzled in Harrisonburg!

Location: Pale Fire Brewing Company
Date: January 14, 2019
Time: 7 PM-9:30 PM

Have you ever been swindled, duped or cheated? …been 100% sure that the pea was under the left cup and somehow, impossibly, it was under the right? …had a real good grip on what you were getting yourself into and by halfway through felt like you had no idea of what was going on? Ever been the sucker? …or were you the one pulling the con??
Secretly Y’all is a live storytelling event where we invite real people to tell true stories. No experience needed…just need to have a story that wants to be told! Every event we have a theme and look for 5-7 stories that relate to that theme to fill our Setlist. (Submit by emailing a brief story synopsis to The only three rules are that the stories must be true, told within the time limit (7 minutes) and without notes.
During intermission we will leave out the Hat and slips of paper – anyone who hasn’t told but still has a story (relating to the theme) can throw their name in. We select 2-4 names at random and these folks get to tell their stories too! (Same rules apply).
Stories begin at 7:30pm. $5 door.
SY have been running live storytelling events in Richmond, Virginia since 2009 and is excited to be invited by Pale Fire Brewing Company to introduce the event to the Valley. Each event we choose a different local charity or non-profit; we ask a $5 door donation and donate 50% of those proceeds directly to that organization!
Any questions at all please check out our website at or just email us! And remember, we need people to come and listen too, so spread the word. Regular events are held every other month.

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