BrewED – An Educational Series – Sensory Analysis Part 2

Location: Seven Arrows Brewery
Date: August 15, 2017
Time: 6 PM-9 PM
Website: Click To Visit

Brewmaster Educational Series – Session 2 – Sensory Analysis

The aim of this session is to introduce you to the ways to describe beer flavor accurately and consistently, using terms and scales that are industry standard. The session will be structured so that no previous experience with beer or sensory analysis is required. This is Part two in our sensory analysis and will contain different spiked samples than Part one.

While the topics of beer flavor can be daunting and highly technical, the goal of this session is to serve as an introduction to the flavor components in a relaxed and open environment.

The cost of the educational session will be $40.00 per person.

This will include:

– (1) an introductory beer to coincide with the sensory analysis
– (10) beer flavor samples, background on each flavor characteristic provided by our Brewmaster
– (1) beer of your choice to enjoy after the session.

*Space is limited to (15) participants, so be sure to sign up early!*

We look forward to spending a great time with everyone to talk beer and beer flavors. Cheers!

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